Monday, October 29, 2012

Ghosts, goblins, and ghouls - Oh my!

It's that time of the year again! Time to break out the candy corn, costumes, pumpkins and decorations. The hubs wanted to have a little Halloween movie party with some friends and I thought to myself- "You're crazy. We live in a 350 sq. ft. studio apartment. Where are we going to fit everyone?!"

We have the few essentials; a dresser, a table with chairs, a big lounging chair with ottoman, an entertainment center and of course, a queen size bed. Not much room to put people. I gave in and said he could have his party but only on one condition - he cleaned the place from top to bottom.

Now, this was the first time a lot of his friends got to see our new place, seeing we've only been married for a little less than 2 months. This was a mash-up between a Halloween party and an open house type deal. So it had to look good.

We didn't have any type of Halloween decorations up whatsoever, so I had to do some last minute planning. Where'e the first place I went? Pinterest. Of course. That website is genius. If you haven't had the pleasure of joining, I highly suggest you do so.

After a few hours of searching and pinning, I found a ton of good ideas. If you want to see, then click here. Feel free to check out my other boards if you like. Like I said, I found a lot of great ideas, but living in such a small space, we can't really do much. Oh, and did I mention that 3 of our 4 walls are brick? So hanging pictures, decorations, etc. is a little difficult.

I finally narrowed it down to a few, all of which are easy, cheap, and not very spacious. I'll show my final results and then post the website where I found them underneath the picture. Some decorations I got from my grandma in a care package, so they won't be on Pinterest.

This is a really great idea. It's a trash bag! Super easy to make! The ends came out a little funky, but no spider web is perfect, right? The link to the original website is here.

The hubs made this one. When we were at the dollar store, he thought that he hit the jackpot with black balloons (after searching 2 other stores - go figure!) but turns out that he grabbed purple. I think he did a fabulous job, if I do say so myself. There wasn't really a link to this one, just a picture uploaded. But it's super easy. The original picture had the spider in a corner, but we didn't really have a corner to spare.

Kinda improvised this one. A few weeks ago we got those window stick on gel things from Target for a buck each. Those were really the only decorations we had. I saw this picture and thought, hey I can come up with something like that. So I cut out cardboard shapes of a pumpkin, a half moon and a "scary" tree. It's a little hard to see, I was already leaning partially off of the balcony to get the whole effect. Oh, and the tissue paper is green. It probably looks a little funky with the overlapping of paper and the black electrical tape.

Now we get to the qwerky things my lovely grandma sent me. I didn't really know what else to do with them, so I improvised. 

Here I tried to be fun and put little plastic centipedes on the potty, but no one had to go! I was slightly disappointed. Oh well, maybe next year. 

The movie of choice was originally going to be Hocus Pocus, the ultimate Halloween movie in my opinion, but we decided to switch it up and watch an older scary movie. It's an 80's movie featuring none other than Craig T. Nelson. He's also in one of my favorite comedy/drama Parenthood.

Poltergeist was the movie of choice, a movie that really gets you going! The scary/horror movies now-a-days only focus on startling the audience, but the classics, such as this one, focus more on actually scaring you throughout the movie. The sequel to Poltergeist is just as scary, if not more.

I think it's safe to say that we had a good run. I made homemade popcorn and the hubs made pizza rolls. I wish he gave me a little bit more of a notice so I could have made some cool Halloween treats, but I think I did pretty good with the one day notice.

Hopefully I'll be posting weekly (if not more than once a week) about things that are going on in our lives. And I hope we get more readers than just my mom. Not that that's a bad thing! (Love you mom!)