Friday, November 30, 2012

Were still alive!

So I'm taking over again for my wife just to give you guys an update. Hopefully soon we will do a proper post, but I want to let everyone know why Kenzie has been so sick... well. We are expecting :) Kenzie is a month and a half pregnant and the baby is due in late June early July. The morning sickness is absolutely horrible for her. She can barely eat anything. I feel really bad because she goes day after day of suffering and all I do is work and homework... :( If anyone has any ideas please let us know!

Ohh next time Ill put picks up of the Christmas decorations! They are awesome and pictures of the Trans- Siberian Orchestra!!!! We are seeing them in concert this weekend!!!

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'll be home for Christmas... Not.

Day #9:
I'm thankful for iHeart Radio and the chance that I get to listen to the Christmas music station back home!! I love Christmas music!! It makes me so happy and really puts you in the holiday mood!

Day #10:
I'm thankful for the job that my husband has and for the opportunity he has to support us. It has been a little rough financially, but that's part of the adventure of marriage!

Day #11:
I'm thankful for the opportunity we had this past weekend (which is why I didn't post) to visit my family in Chandler. I'm so glad I got to see my grandma who flew out to visit, and also for the hospitality my aunt has to let us stay with her for the weekend while my uncle is on a business trip.

Day #12:
I'm thankful for sweatpants. They keep you warm and are so comfortable!

Day #13:
I'm thankful for hot chocolate. It's delicious and warms your insides. I'm especially thankful for the little mini marshmallows that go on top!

This is the first year ever that I won't be able to go home for Christmas. This is really upsetting, but I know that we can't afford it. It just pains me that I won't be able to participate in my family's Christmas traditions. I miss them terribly and every time I hear the song "I'll Be Home For Christmas" I just want to cry my eyes out.

This is going to be my first Arizona Christmas, so that's exciting! I get to spend it with my in-laws.  That will be a great new tradition we get to start! Maybe we'll be able to go to Ohio for Christmas next year. Hubs has never experienced an Ohio Christmas or a white Christmas! He's sure in for a treat!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sick as a dog!

I'm fully aware that I'm WAY behind in my thankfuls. I apologize for this, as I have been nasty sick. My wonderful husband has been taking care of me and doing what he can to make me feel better. He's so wonderful! :)

So I guess that Matthan contributed his "thankful" on Sunday with a novel dedicated to me... Isn't he sweet! I'm such a lucky girl. I have to admit, I kinda flipped out when I saw that awful aged picture, but then got all giddy when I saw what he wrote about me.

Day #5:
I'm thankful for the sunshine! It is so warm, and being down in Arizona, it can be a burdens some days. When the temperature is over 100 and the sun is beating down on you, you can't help but hate the sun.

Day #6:
I'm thankful for books! I love reading so much! Books let you dive into a new, exciting world that does not exist in real life. I can read a book for hours, and I have! I've finished 2 books in one day.

Day #7:
I'm thankful for the opportunity as Americans to vote. This would have been the first year that I would be able to vote, but I did not get a chance to register in time. It really was a bummer that I didn't get to participate in the election, but I know that one day my vote will count.

Day #8:

I'm thankful for warm cozy blankets. We got a red polyester/plush blanket for a wedding present and it's by far one of my favorite gifts!! I snuggle with it everyday.

Sunday, November 4, 2012

I love you Makenzie!!!!

My beautiful wife
So I've decided to decided to hijack my wife's blog about us. She is asleep right now so I think I am in the clear. She has been getting frustrated with me telling her why I love her so much... so I've decided to tell all of you why I love kenzie so much and why she makes me so freaking happy.

I would like you guys to look at the picture below and guess what I was looking at.
What am I looking at?
If you said Makenzie, well you are right, but not correct. It was something I saw in the Temple Sealing. There was a part of the Temple Sealing that people actually chucked at us. Lol it was a moment so special to me and I will always hold it dear to my heart. In the sealing room there are mirrors that when you look into you can see eternity. Well at a point we are supposed to stand and look into the mirrors and see that. Well I stood. Looked for a sec and yeah I saw eternity in the mirrors, but I looked in kenzie's eyes and I just didn't see eternity. I saw eternal happiness. In her eyes I saw what I was supposed to see in the mirrors. In her eyes I saw what was going on. In her eyes I was happy. In her eyes I felt eternity. I locked her gaze and I didn't let go. Even after multiple attempts by the sealer to have us look at the mirrors (that's when the chuckles came) I kept looking in her eyes. I saw happiness. I saw gladness. I saw eternal love. I didn't want to look in the mirrors because why would I look in the mirror at something I could see in the eyes of the love of my life? Why would I look in a mirror when I could see my future and joy in they eyes of the person that can make me laugh, cry, smile, giggle, want to be home always, want to be with always, protect always, love always, be faithful always, and be together with eternally? I would rather look there than anywhere else. So what I was looking at wasn't just a kenzie, but in her eyes. I saw the meaning of eternity and honestly it made me cry.

Now I want you to look at this picture and tell me what you see. (Dont kill me hunny for uploading this picture)

I don't know what you see but I want you all to know what I see. I see two puppy dogs eyes. (Need eye continue? Hahaha I'm so punny!!! Those eyes are so gorgeous. She is so absolutely gorgeous. Her rosy cheeks and all of her freckles!!! I love her freckles! But I don't love her for her looks. I ran her face threw a very cruddy face ageing software and this is what it turned out.

Lol age doesn't seem to agree with her, but I look at that and you know what? I dont care. She still is gorgeous because I look at that and I see happiness. I see joy and gladness. I see everything that is important, and she is still beautiful!

I wish to keep writing but I want to list some of the many reasons why I love my wife. So here are 10 reasons why I love her!

10 Reasons why I love Kenzie!
She loves me for me (even when I pollute the atmosphere if you know what I mean)
She has a very big heart and doesnt get mad at me
She is very gorgeous
She takes care of me even when she is the one in need
She trusts me with everything
When I get home super sad she always cheers me up
She is very gorgeous
She put everything aside for me
She is so patient for me
Did I say she was gorgeous?

Well its time to sign off and go to bed, but I need to let everyone see something. 
This is the woman I love so much. 

Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family of 6 (7 if you count the dog)

Day #3!

Today I am grateful for my wonderful, crazy family! When I say "family", I don't just mean my immediate family, but my extended family as well! (Even those of you who aren't necessarily blood related, and you know who you are!)

They've supported me through everything (well, almost everything ;) ) and I love them all so much! From my younger sisters' silly dollar store Christmas presents, daddy-daughter dates, mom's advice, my brother and I cleaning our rooms at the same time while listening to the Arthur soundtrack, the list goes on forever!

My grandparent's always gave us the coolest gifts for the holidays! They always opened their homes to us when we wanted to spend the weekend (or longer!) with them. I have some fond memories from those times that I will never forget!

Do you guys remember those orange push pops? I love those, especially as a kid! I can distinctly remember my Grandpa Fleck (mom's dad) walking me to the gas station right around the corner of their house to get one. I was so little, I can't believe that I remember that! Memories are such a great thing!

BONUS!!! As promised... I am so grateful for my freshman/sophomore year seminary teacher, Sister Ilona Dever!! She is such inspiration to me, as I'm sure she is to all of her students! She really brought the spirit to seminary, even though it was 5:30 in the morning! With her cute little navy dress with the red sash and bow, she always knew how to make us smile! I love you Sister Dever!!

Friday, November 2, 2012

Thanks, thanks and more thanks!

Day #2!

I was watching the Today show (like I do almost every morning) and for the past few days they have been providing on-scene coverage of the major destruction of Hurricane Sandy. It truly is heartbreaking to see the destruction that has come to the north east. I can remember last spring when my parent's house's basement (where my room was!) flooded from a failed sump pump, and I thought THAT was horrible!

I am proud to say that I am grateful for the safety that my family (near and far) and I have. My parents and extended family back east (mostly Ohio and Indiana) are safe and sound, they just got some unexpected snow. I'm so thankful that they weren't harmed in the "storm of the century" and my husband and I are praying for those back east. 

"Hope is putting faith to work when doubting would be easier." - Thomas S. Monson

I see the faces of those who have lost everything and it is so hard to watch, I just want to cry! Things are going to get better, you just have to hold on and have faith that everything will work out. If you have friends and/or family that were impacted by this "storm of the century", I hope that your loved ones are safe and sound. 

Thursday, November 1, 2012

I'm thankful for...

I can't believe today is the first day of November already! It still seems like August or September!! Maybe this is because I live in Arizona and the weather is like that of an August/September day back in Ohio... This is my first year in Arizona, and I'm still getting used to the weather differences. I must say... I MISS OHIO!!! But I'm more than happy to be here with my wonderful husband! :)

This year I'm going to try something new. Every day of this month, I'm going to (hopefully!) post about one thing I'm thankful for. I think that we need to express our thanks not just the month of November, but all year round. I read a quote somewhere (probably pinterest hehe) that goes, "What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday?" Really think about this quote.

The first think I want to say that I'm grateful for is my wonderful husband! He is the light of my life and my whole world. He is so hardworking so he can provide for us, he is so kind and loving, and he's not bad in the kitchen! I love that he tries to use the excuse that he has to take care of me when I'm not feeling well to skip a day of school, but I convince him I can take care of myself. He is my best friend and I'm so blessed to be able to spend eternity with him. <3