Saturday, November 3, 2012

Family of 6 (7 if you count the dog)

Day #3!

Today I am grateful for my wonderful, crazy family! When I say "family", I don't just mean my immediate family, but my extended family as well! (Even those of you who aren't necessarily blood related, and you know who you are!)

They've supported me through everything (well, almost everything ;) ) and I love them all so much! From my younger sisters' silly dollar store Christmas presents, daddy-daughter dates, mom's advice, my brother and I cleaning our rooms at the same time while listening to the Arthur soundtrack, the list goes on forever!

My grandparent's always gave us the coolest gifts for the holidays! They always opened their homes to us when we wanted to spend the weekend (or longer!) with them. I have some fond memories from those times that I will never forget!

Do you guys remember those orange push pops? I love those, especially as a kid! I can distinctly remember my Grandpa Fleck (mom's dad) walking me to the gas station right around the corner of their house to get one. I was so little, I can't believe that I remember that! Memories are such a great thing!

BONUS!!! As promised... I am so grateful for my freshman/sophomore year seminary teacher, Sister Ilona Dever!! She is such inspiration to me, as I'm sure she is to all of her students! She really brought the spirit to seminary, even though it was 5:30 in the morning! With her cute little navy dress with the red sash and bow, she always knew how to make us smile! I love you Sister Dever!!


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  2. I am so excited for what adventures will come your way. Treat that husband of yours as a king and he will treat you as his queen. I am in awe when I see what wonderful women "my girls" have grown up to be. :)

  3. Wow, I'm famous now! LOL
    I never take credit for how "my" kids turn out, but I'm really proud of you!

  4. Your comment about Sister Dever is right on. She was an amazing seminary teacher. I loved seeing her happy smile in the morning when I was still driving. Beautiful woman inside and out. BTW - Ilona - you should take some credit for how they turned out. You were a big instrument in their lives.