Tuesday, November 13, 2012

I'll be home for Christmas... Not.

Day #9:
I'm thankful for iHeart Radio and the chance that I get to listen to the Christmas music station back home!! I love Christmas music!! It makes me so happy and really puts you in the holiday mood!

Day #10:
I'm thankful for the job that my husband has and for the opportunity he has to support us. It has been a little rough financially, but that's part of the adventure of marriage!

Day #11:
I'm thankful for the opportunity we had this past weekend (which is why I didn't post) to visit my family in Chandler. I'm so glad I got to see my grandma who flew out to visit, and also for the hospitality my aunt has to let us stay with her for the weekend while my uncle is on a business trip.

Day #12:
I'm thankful for sweatpants. They keep you warm and are so comfortable!

Day #13:
I'm thankful for hot chocolate. It's delicious and warms your insides. I'm especially thankful for the little mini marshmallows that go on top!

This is the first year ever that I won't be able to go home for Christmas. This is really upsetting, but I know that we can't afford it. It just pains me that I won't be able to participate in my family's Christmas traditions. I miss them terribly and every time I hear the song "I'll Be Home For Christmas" I just want to cry my eyes out.

This is going to be my first Arizona Christmas, so that's exciting! I get to spend it with my in-laws.  That will be a great new tradition we get to start! Maybe we'll be able to go to Ohio for Christmas next year. Hubs has never experienced an Ohio Christmas or a white Christmas! He's sure in for a treat!


  1. We can Skype on Christmas while we're opening presents! It will be really early for you though. And for the annual picture, we can hold up the computer like we did for mother's day :)

  2. Being away from family is a bittersweet experience. Especially first years of marriage. You get to start traditions of your own. You get to see Christmas through someone else's eyes. There are so many new and exciting things, and yet you miss family. I know this oh too well. I'm excited to have a few years with both sides of my family nearby. But we'll hit the being away again soon. Enjoy every minute you can. I love Olivia's idea :D You're always welcome up here too :D