Thursday, November 8, 2012

Sick as a dog!

I'm fully aware that I'm WAY behind in my thankfuls. I apologize for this, as I have been nasty sick. My wonderful husband has been taking care of me and doing what he can to make me feel better. He's so wonderful! :)

So I guess that Matthan contributed his "thankful" on Sunday with a novel dedicated to me... Isn't he sweet! I'm such a lucky girl. I have to admit, I kinda flipped out when I saw that awful aged picture, but then got all giddy when I saw what he wrote about me.

Day #5:
I'm thankful for the sunshine! It is so warm, and being down in Arizona, it can be a burdens some days. When the temperature is over 100 and the sun is beating down on you, you can't help but hate the sun.

Day #6:
I'm thankful for books! I love reading so much! Books let you dive into a new, exciting world that does not exist in real life. I can read a book for hours, and I have! I've finished 2 books in one day.

Day #7:
I'm thankful for the opportunity as Americans to vote. This would have been the first year that I would be able to vote, but I did not get a chance to register in time. It really was a bummer that I didn't get to participate in the election, but I know that one day my vote will count.

Day #8:

I'm thankful for warm cozy blankets. We got a red polyester/plush blanket for a wedding present and it's by far one of my favorite gifts!! I snuggle with it everyday.

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