Friday, November 30, 2012

Were still alive!

So I'm taking over again for my wife just to give you guys an update. Hopefully soon we will do a proper post, but I want to let everyone know why Kenzie has been so sick... well. We are expecting :) Kenzie is a month and a half pregnant and the baby is due in late June early July. The morning sickness is absolutely horrible for her. She can barely eat anything. I feel really bad because she goes day after day of suffering and all I do is work and homework... :( If anyone has any ideas please let us know!

Ohh next time Ill put picks up of the Christmas decorations! They are awesome and pictures of the Trans- Siberian Orchestra!!!! We are seeing them in concert this weekend!!!

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  1. I've never been pregnant, but I've had morning sickness TERRIBLY from birth control, so I always kept a glass of water and some crackers on my nightstand (which my mom did when she was pregnant)...eating/drinking is always the last thing I want to do when I am feeling sick to my stomach but it always worked. Also I know of some people who swear by peaches in heavy syrup, eat the peaches and drink the doesn't taste too badly coming back up and the syrup helps soothe your throat if it is getting sore from bile. Hope that helps and hope that wasn't too gross! Good luck and congratulations!