Sunday, January 20, 2013

A time to be thankful.

A few weeks ago, Matthan and I sat down to have a family meeting and go over our budget. We realized that come June (when our lease is up) we wouldn't be in a great place financially and that we would need to get a new place. Matthan contemplated getting a second job, but going to school full time and working 2 part time jobs would be killer for him. I had applied to many places but didn't get anything. We were really worried and didn't know what to do. Both of us knew this day would come, but not so soon! What do we do now?

Just a few days after, we said our evening prayers after we got ready for bed. As soon as we were finished, Matthan got a call from a member in our bishopric. He heard through the grapevine that we were looking for a new place to live. He then continued to tell my hubby that he and his wife owned an apartment complex fairly close to the school and were looking for some assistant managers. Of course, the jobs would require us to live on-site. 


Matthan's face automatically lit up and I, not knowing what was going on, was curious as to who called, and what they told my husband. Matthan proceeded to tell Brother Mack that we were very interested and that they would get in touch to talk about details on another day. After Matthan got off the phone, he started jumping on the bed! I still had no idea what was going on so I just gave him a funny look.

FINALLY, he calmed down enough to tell me what was going on. Then, simultaneously, we both started jumping on the bed. We couldn't wait to find out all of the details!! It was so hard to sleep that night only to know that the next day we would possibly be signing our lives away to this company.

Long story short, we are now the assistant managers at an apartment complex and living on-site! It is such a great blessing!! Let me tell you, a 1 bedroom is MUCH bigger than a dinky little studio apartment. Now we have a little extra room for when the little munchkin comes in July.

Since this weekend is a 3 day weekend, we thought it would be a perfect time to move all of our stuff. On a plus side, this weekend is a BEAUTIFUL weekend! The high's are in the mid 70's all weekend and even throughout the week! In January! I'm still getting used to Arizona weather, but I think I can live with it. (I say that now, just wait until summer comes...)


  1. That is so awesome. The Lord always takes care of us. :D So happy you're getting these blessings. Love you guys

  2. That is fantastic news!! Such a great moment, thank you for sharing!