Sunday, January 27, 2013

Kick Boxing

The pro bowl was on tonight! AFC (American football league) versus NFC (National football league). Matthan and I were down in Sahuarita visiting his family and watching the game together. The end was drawing near, and the family had dispersed throughout the house. Soon enough, it was just Matthan and I watching the game. He looked over at me and said that he loved me (insert collective "AWW") when all of a sudden my stomach twitched.

Aww cute, I still get butterflies when he says cute things. But then it happened again! And again! Jeez, why is my stomach so twitchy?

Then I realized, THE BABY WAS KICKING!!! I immediately grabbed Matthan's hand and said, "Feel this!!" It took a few seconds, but he said he could feel it! We just sat there during commercials with his hand on my growing belly, just under my belly button, feeling our little soccer player or ballerina kicking away. It was such a great experience!! 

I REALLY felt the kicks coming when we were about 5 minutes from our apartment. We had to go through some heavy construction with a lot of pot holes and street damage. There was bump after bump after bump! About 30 seconds after the construction, the baby was kicking so much! I think it was just pay back for all of the bumps. 

Ever since the end of the football game, I've been able to feel little kicks here and there. My mother in law told me that there will be a time when the baby kicks so much you just want them to stop, but I'm going to bask in this for as long as I can. I think it's safe to say that it has been a GREAT night! 


  1. That is one of THE best moments of pregnancy - the first time you feel the baby move. I don't remember every wanting them to stop kicking really - just move where they were kicking :D Enjoy!

  2. I remember every single time I first felt each of my babies! it's a wonderful experience. Yes, you will get sick of feeling him/her kick at 3am when you're eight months along. But when he/she is two months old, you'll miss it :) Enjoy sweetheart!

  3. It was TOTALLY out of the blue! I was blown away after I figured out what was going on haha! :)