Saturday, April 13, 2013

Pregnant with Abigail Jane {Week 29}

How far along?: 29 weeks. Almost there!
Baby is the size of a: Butternut Squash
Total weight gain/loss: + 20
The Bump: Growing every day!
Symptoms: Just allergies.
Food Cravings: Waffles with cream cheese! It's really not that bad.
Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: Not really, just the allergies.
Sleep: Easy peasy. Guess I shouldn't get used to it...
What I Miss: Amusement parks!! The Pima County Fair is coming to town next week and I can't go on any rides... Argh!!
Wedding Rings - On/Off: Off
Names: Abigail Jane <3
Movement: Tons of movement. She definitely prefers my right side. I don't think I've felt anything at all on my left. I swear she repeatedly kicks my rib trying to bust her way out of here. Talk about painful!
Maternity Clothes: I am in love with maternity pants. The most comfortable thing EVER!! The first day that I wore them, I seriously contemplated sleeping in them because they are so comfortable!
Labor Signs: Had a hospital trip almost a week ago and thought I might be going back Wednesday. Check out Sunday's hospital trip story here.

Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Hospital Trip {TMI Warning}

Well, where to start. Let's start at 6:40 AM when I woke up with very painful cramps. My first thought? "Man, I sure didn't miss these period cramps..." I couldn't even get up, so I just stayed in bed suffering through the pain. Thank goodness it only lasted about 20 seconds.

Trying not to wake the hubs, I wiggled out of bed to go to the bathroom and get something to eat - my normal morning routine. It was only a few years ago that I didn't wake up before 10 AM on the weekends and now I couldn't sleep past 7:30 on a good day.

After I finish eating a bowl of cereal, another cramp comes along. On a scale of 1-10, it was definitely an 8. This one, too, only lasted about 20 seconds. I didn't really think anything of it, until another one came along roughly 10 minutes later. Matthan was still sleeping, so I did what any other panicking woman would have done. I texted my mom.

She recommended that I call the on-call nurse just to be safe. I was reluctant at first, because it was early on a Sunday morning and I didn't want to disturb anyone. I know they're on-call for a reason, but still! So, I woke up Matthan, told him what was going on, and called the nurse. She said we should go to the hospital to get checked out, just as a precaution.

Great. Just the way I wanted to spend my Sunday, especially because I would miss general conference! :(

We packed up computers, chargers and other forms of entertainment since we didn't know how long we would be there. The hospital I will deliver at is only about 10 minutes away so it's not like Matthan couldn't run home if we forgot anything. 

We didn't know this, but part of the hospital was undergoing some construction. We parked in the nearest parking garage that we came to and Matthan, thinking he was being considerate, thought he would be nice and park next to the elevator. It wasn't until we got out of the car that he noticed the out of order sign on the door. We were on the second floor so the walk down the stairs wan't terribly long. Now the walk to the Labor and Delivery section, which happened to be on the other side of the hospital, was longer than I anticipated.

Since it was early on a Sunday morning, there was practically no one at the hospital (patients I mean, there was plenty of staff). Check didn't take that long, but since I haven't been there before they had to get me registered. I got my wrist bands and Matthan got his name tag and we were sent down a few halls to our room.

After I changed into my fashionable gown, I got on the bed and thought to myself, "Wow, this bed is actually really comfortable!" Little did I know that I would be in that bed for the next 3 and a half hours...

My nurse was great! She was super sweet and helpful. She hooked me up to the monitor so we could hear the baby's heart beat and figure out was going on inside of me. Lo and behold, I was having contractions. Some pretty gnarly ones too! When I said I felt like one was coming on, the nurse said, "Yep, I can see it happening through your gown." That's how intense they were. There was one specific contraction that came up on the monitor that reminded me of A mountain. I wish we would have gotten a picture of that...

This is early on when I first got hooked up so not much activity. Blue is Abby's heart beat and green is my contractions.

After about 45 minutes, the nurse said she wanted to do a preterm labor test. Being a first time mom, I wasn't familiar with this. I now know that it requires the nurse to check to see if my cervix is dilated. She warned me that I was going to feel a lot of pressure, but jeez! Ouch! She did another test to see if there was a certain specimen indicating that I was in preterm labor. We had to wait a little over an hour and a half for the results, which felt like forever! What did I do to pass the time? I watched conference on the hubs computer.

 The nurse came in and told us that the test result was negative - HALLELUJAH! No preterm labor for this mommy. That was a big relief, and I got a shot of terbutaline, medicine that knocks out contractions, but the nurse said that little Abby wasn't responding like she should be. Her heart rate was lower than the norm, and we could tell that the nurse was getting a little anxious. (Sorry mom, dad told us not to tell you the scary parts!) She wanted to keep us longer to monitor the heart rate. She used this little vibrating device to try and stimulate the little bugger to see if she would respond. 

We then waited and waited until Abby's little heart rate got back up but in the meantime, my head started feeling really warm. I knew one of the wonderful side effects of the medicine was shakiness, which was tolerable, but I wasn't sure what was going on. The nurse periodically came in to check my temperature, and this time it was 99.6. She didn't seem too concerned about it, but still wanted to keep monitoring the heart rate.

I started burping a lot, but only the little baby burps. Not a big deal. But then they started to be liquidy and foamy. Matthan got me one of those lovely pink tubs to spit out the yummy goodness. By this time, my body was really cold and shaking (mostly from the medicine) and my head felt like it was on fire. Yes, I managed to attempt to sing, "My head is on fire!". Matthan got a kick out of that. I was trying to stay positive for his sake when in reality I was miserable.

Not 5 minutes later, I puked up my dinner from the night before. It smelled awful. After it all came up, I naturally felt better. A lot better. We buzzed for the nurse and she came to see how I was doing. I was doing just peachy - I just threw up, I have a fever, and I feel like poo. **Hint the sarcasm** She got me a tooth brush and toothpaste so I could freshen up. Thank goodness. And finally, little Abby's heart rate was back up to normal. She was just in a deep sleep. 

After I brushed my teeth and got dressed, the nurse said she wanted to do an ultrasound just to check to see if everything was okay on the inside. Of course, everything was peachy keen. Little Abigail has moved into position for when she'll make her appearance into this world. 

When we got home, I was still really weak from the medication and still had a fever. We kept track of my fever, which topped out at 100.1. I was nervous because it wasn't going down even after taking the extra strength Tylenol that the nurse gave, but eventually it went back to normal. She put me on the BRAT diet (banana, rice, applesauce, tea) but I'm not sure how long she wanted me on it. I've just been taking it really easy on the flavorful foods. After a much needed nap and hours of a cold rag on my forehead, I felt good enough to eat something. I thought that a banana, some strawberries and a yogurt would suffice. I threw it up an hour and a half later.

So long story short, I'm on bed rest for a while until things get back to normal. I'm feeling much better, but still feel weak. Hopefully we won't have another scare like this one! She still has a little less than 12 week to cook! Big thanks to my wonderful husband who dropped everything to take care of me Sunday and yesterday, and probably the rest of the week knowing him. I know I'm late on a baby update, but this kind of counts, right? Don't worry, I'll probably post the weekly facts tomorrow.

Monday, April 1, 2013

Happy Easter!

This weekend has been such a whirlwind! We have been so busy, but we've been having tons of fun at the same time! From Applebees to Hobby Lobby, from Autozone to Mesa - we've been all over the place. But where to start?! I guess we'll start on Friday....


Friday means date night! At first we weren't sure what we should do, but then we got to thinking. Hobby Lobby just opened up this past week, so why don't we go get something and make a craft? This was actually the 3rd time we've gone this week... We have been making little things here and there for the baby's half of the room. This is what we got this time around!

After Hobby Lobby, we decided to get dinner at Applebees! Matthan wanted to go to a Peruvian restaurant  but I was really in the mood for Applebees... Sorry honey, maybe next date night! ;)

After dinner, we went to do laundry and watch a movie. The movie of choice was Pirates of the Caribbean, definitely one of my favorites. About twenty minutes into the movie, I remember that a movie just came out in theaters that I really wanted to see. The Host. I've read the book many times and just love it. We look for movie times and turns out, the next showing was in thirty minutes! As we were about to leave, the washing machine started dinging. It was done! So we quickly moved the wash, started another load and bolted out the door. We made it just in time for the movie to start! I was worried that the movie wouldn't really follow the book, but I was quite surprised. They did a really good job. After the movie we were driving home and a headlight went dead on Rodger (Matthan's car). We needed to get that fixed. We didn't get everything done we wanted to so we knew that Saturday was going to be a long day!


So today we planned on going to the Mesa Easter pageant and all our plans revolved around that. It started a 8PM and we had to be there at 4PM for a picnic.  Matthan has been taking a class every Saturday to be certified as a lifeguard instructor. He will be able to teach others to be professional lifeguards. In other words, he will shows 16 year olds how to put on their sun tan lotions. The class is supposed to be from 10AM to 3PM and Matthan said he would be late today so i thought we wouldn't head to Mesa till 4:30. 

I started on more laundry while Matthan was at his class. It's true what they say - you never know how many clothes you really have until laundry day comes around. So as I'm moving a load of laundry Matthan calls saying he is done. It was only noon!!!! I jumped in the car and picked him up.

We went to Auto Zone to get a new headlight and an air filter for the car. We bought them and in the parking lot we started to put them in. I changed the air filter while my hubby started to do the headlight. He had me turn on the lights to figure out which one is bad and when I did the lights worked perfectly! I guess it just needed a little jiggle for it to work.

After Auto Zone we went to Sonic to grab some food. The food was horrible. We will never get food there again. As we are eating Matthan pushes me and says look. I turn over and I see a black car that look crazy. I tried to get a picture when it was on the street, but it pulled away and turned into Sonic. I kept pushing Matthan out of the way to take a picture until it pulled up next to us. Look at it!! It's so small!

We went back home, packed everything we would need for the night and started our drive to Mesa. It was only 2:30 PM so we were able to make the picnic.

We make it up there for the picnic and ran into our friends and family (Love you Mutti!!!) After eating we had 3 hours to kill before the Easter Pageant so we killed time by watching videos in the visitor center at the temple, walking around, and waiting 30 minutes in line at Dairy Queen. With my ice cream in hand I watched the pageant with my hubby. It was amazing! 

Trying to leave was crazy. Thousands of people were trying to leave and the streets were packed, but my hubby is so smart. He got us out of there super easily. When we got into the car he looked at a map of the streets for a bit then took off. We cut through and old folks neighborhood then passed through a park to make it to the main road. The road was already stop and go and we needed to make a left turn. That was definitely not going to happen. He made a right turn and when the traffic was stopped and no one was coming, he made a u-turn in the middle of the street. It was all free flowing from there! We drove out to the Gilbert area to stay with the Hanny's. It was great seeing everybody!


Our first Easter together! I remember a year ago from today (Easter 2012) I was on my way down to Arizona from Idaho. Definitely one of the biggest and scariest decisions I've ever had to make. But it was sooo worth it! A year ago I never thought that I'd be married to my best friend and 7 months pregnant!

We had an amazing breakfast, got dressed and headed to church. We only stayed for sacrament meeting because we had to get down to Matthan's parent's house in Sahuarita for Easter lunch. We said goodbye to our friends and headed out to our next destination - the Gilbert temple!

It's still under construction, but most of the outside is finished. It is hoped to be finished late 2013, early 2014. Even outside of the grounds and with the construction, you could feel the spirit! It was truly an amazing site to see. I'm so glad we made our little pit stop!

My aunt and uncle live in Chandler, and since it was on the way down to Sahuarita, we thought it would be fun to stop by and say hi for a few minutes. I'm glad we did, we haven't seen them since November when we first told them we were expecting. It was actually just around the corner from their house that Matthan proposed to me! We took the opportunity to take a few pictures since we haven't gotten any before.

When he proposed (June 16th, two months after we started dating), he used a ring pop! It was so cute. Afterwards, we went out to In N Out for lunch and to pick out a real ring. I loved the ring pop, but it was a little bulky and sticky to keep using as the engagement ring. Naturally, I ate it. Yummy!

Traffic wasn't terrible, but there was definitely more than expected. We had (roughly) a 2 hour drive to his parent's house. The sun was mostly overhead, but since we were headed south, I got most of the sunshine. Ultimately, it resulted in a light sunburn on my right arm. It's not that bad, but it started to sting last night. Hooray for aloe vera!

We made it down just in time for lunch! Matthan's grandpa comes over every month-ish to cook for us. He's a really good cook. It's fun to have everyone together. We had a really yummy dessert that my MIL made and that when we announced the gender of our little peanut! Shortly after dessert we all decorated Easter eggs! 

Okay folks, here's the promised and anticipated gender reveal!!! 

Baby facts:

How far along?: 27 weeks and 3 days!
Baby is the size of a: Head of cauliflower!
Length of baby: 14.5 inches!
Total weight gain/loss: + 20 pounds
The Bump: Definitely there and keeps getting bigger! My belly button has officially flat-lined and is starting to poke out just a little bit.
Symptoms: Allergies :(
Food Cravings: Applebees!!
Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: Nope. Just the allergies.
Sleep: Still don't have trouble falling asleep, just the getting comfortable part. No leg cramps yet, but I woke up Friday morning and my calves were really sore. Maybe those are the cramps, but we did do a lot of yard work the day before. Hmmm...
What I Miss: 
Wedding Rings - On/Off: Off for the most part. 
Names: Abigail Jane Bosse!
Movement: Tons of movement! I read that since I've started the 3rd trimester she is preparing herself for birth and positioning herself in the perfect position. Also, I will notice a slight decrease in her movement due to little to no room to move anymore! My little angel is getting so big!
Maternity Clothes: I still have not bought any maternity clothes, but as of yesterday I inherited a ton of maternity clothes from Matthan's cousin who just had a baby. Woohoo hand-me downs!
Labor Signs: None that I can think of...
What I'm excited about/looking forward to: I just can't wait to hold my little girl!

We are SO excited for our little girl to come! I can't wait to dress her up in tons of cute clothes! Matthan is so excited that he gets his little princess.