Thursday, June 13, 2013

Pregnant with Abigail Jane {week 38}

Hello all! Sorry I haven't posted in a while, things have been super busy and crazy! I haven't posted much because we had computer issues so I'm blogging from my iPad for the time being. Needless to say its a bit difficult, but I'm making it work! 

Lots has happened since I last posted. I had an awesome baby shower put on by my mother in law and sister in law in the middle of May and we got to Skype my family! It was really cool. Thanks to all who came out! I'm still putting the thank you notes together so they should be out soon.

My brother in law Alex just recently got back from his mission in Chile! There was a lot of people at the airport to pick him up, it was great! When we were walking out of the airport terminal to go get dinner, Alex made a funny face because it was so hot! It was only 101ish but where he was in Chile it rained all the time and it was winter there! Talk about culture shock.

Okay, now baby updates!! 

** I somehow skipped 34 weeks... Whoops... **

How far along?: 38 weeks!
Baby is the size of a: Bunch of celery
Total weight gain/loss: + too much...
The Bump: Still there. Some days I think to myself, "Can I get any bigger??" And then I do. 
Food Cravings: Panera Bread just opened up in Tucson not too far from our apartment!!! Needless to say, we went opening night. Oh how I missed their broccoli cheddar soup in a bread bowl... Yumm! Last night I cried because We didn't have any muffins. I really wanted a muffin...
Anything Making Me Queasy or Sick: Nope, let's hope that morning sickness doesn't come back! So far, so good.
Sleep: Sleep is fine, getting comfortable beforehand is a little difficult, but when I finally find a position that works, I'm usually out like a light within a few minutes. When I want to roll over it literally takes me 5 steps. Sometimes Matthan has to get out of bed and help roll me over haha!
What I Miss: My pre-pregnancy body. I'm determined to get back into shape relatively quick after I pop this one out.
Wedding Rings - On/Off: On! I haven't swollen up at all. My ankles are still the same, the only things that have grown are my stomach, butt and thighs. 
Movement: Lots and lots of movement. Some days I wonder if she'll ever stop! When I sneeze I swear she's going to pop out! 
Maternity Clothes: I love my maternity pants, but its getting really hot here in Tucson... Sometimes I just suck it up and wear them anyways. Only when we go places do I wear real clothes lol! 
Labor Signs: Last week I had like 4 hot wings for a light snack before dinner and about half an hour I ate them I have 6 really strong contractions within 5 minutes! Then they suddenly stopped. Matthan did such a great job coaching me how to breathe, he will be great during the real thing! But the past few days I've had consistent Braxton hicks with a few real contractions here and there, but not enough to go in. Friday we did a lot of yard work, sunday we went swimming, monday we went to the park  and played on the swings and slides, and tuesday we went on a walk. Had my appointment yesterday and I'm 2 cm dilated and about 50% effaced! I also lost my mucous plug last night and had some irregular contractions, but no baby yet. Hopefully she will come soon!