Sunday, September 29, 2013

Fall Date Ideas

It's that time of year again!! Fall is officially here, as of last week. Who is excited?! It's still pretty hot here in Tucson, but it hasn't been over 95 degrees in a few days. It's amazing what the difference of a few degrees feels like. Here are some fall date ideas that my husband and I have come up with!

1. Go on a hike
2. Go through a corn maze (or even a haunted corn maze!)
3. Ride bikes
4. Go on a walk and step on crunchy leaves
5. Make homemade apple/ pumpkin anything!
6. Have a bonfire and roast marshmallows
7. Go to a pumpkin patch and pick your own pumpkins
8. Carve pumpkins and roast the seeds
9. Make your own Halloween costumes
10. Go on a hayride! 
11. Pick apples at a local apple orchard
12. Have a picnic
13. Make caramel apples
14. Watch a Halloween movie (Charlie Brown!)
15. Create a Thankful Tree
16. Nap!
17. Go camping
18. Have some friends over for a game night
19. Go paint-balling with your buddies
20. Play a game of football at a local park

Friday, September 27, 2013

The Long Awaited Return

It has been WAY too long since I last posted! I've been dedicating all of my time to my beautiful daughter Abigail! There really isn't one spare moment in my day, especially a moment long enough to sit down and blog. But after a long day of almost no naps, I finally have some time to sit down and figure out what to write.

Of course all I want to do is brag about my little sunshine, but most of you  are my Facebook friend and/or follow me on Instagram and Abby is all I talk about. But I can't help it! My life and world revolves around her and I get to spend all day, every day with her.

2 months old

Little Abigail will be 3 months on Saturday! The past 3 months have definitely flown by. I guess that's what happens when you're busy changing diapers, feeding, burping, snuggling and loving a little baby! I remember the first few weeks we brought her home were so exhausting! I couldn't go one day without taking a nap. Whenever I set Abby down for a nap I fell asleep myself.

She used to eat every 2 hours or so, but now she eats almost every 3 hours. I wake up with her once or sometimes twice in the night to change her and feed her. I think the most she has eaten in one sitting is over 8 ounces. That's a lot of milk for a little baby! The longest she has slept through the night is 9 hours! She might have gotten a good night's rest, but I woke up around 3, which is when she usually wakes up.

Matthan has been really patient with me and Abby. He is such a great help. He changes the diapers at night while I get ready to feed her. He loves playing with her and making her smile! Her little gummy smile is so cute and contagious!