Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Baby Girl is 7 Months!

We are HOME!!!

The last time I posted, we were still in the frozen mid-west. I was so sad to leave my family and the snow, but I really am glad to be home. The flights on the way home didn't go quite as smooth as they did on the way to Ohio, but after three flights and one exceptionally long day, we are back in Tucson.

We were supposed to get into Phoenix around 6 pm last Saturday. As Abby and I were waiting to board our next plane, there was an announcement saying that volunteers were needed to take a later flight to Phoenix. Apparently they overbooked the flight.

Long story short, we took the later flight for a reasonably sized voucher to use on our next flight! Now we can get tickets to go back to Ohio or on vacation somewhere! We didn't get into Phoenix until 10 at night, but I think it was worth it.

A lot has happened with Abby in the month that we've been gone! She's almost strictly on baby food, she is crawling everywhere, she can pull herself up and she even tries to walk! I can't handle how fast she is growing up!

Her favorite foods are bananas, apples, squash, sweet potatoes, carrots and peaches. She really does NOT care for anything green like green beans and peas. The only way I can get her to eat them is if I give her bananas with them. Not such a great combination, but she needs her greens!

Abigail crawls EVERYWHERE. I've set her on the floor to play while I do the dishes and I look back to check on her, and she's gone. She ended up crawling in the bedroom, attempting to climb in the dirty clothes basket! Sure, I'd love some help with the laundry but it's a little too soon for her! ;)

She kind of sort of not really said her first words the other day! She said bye and da. I am pretty positive that she will say da-da before ma-ma, but I'll live with it.

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