Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Parmesan Crusted Pork Chops

I hope everyone is staying warm in these frigid temps!! I know I'm enjoying it. 70 degree weather in Tucson just doesn't say "winter" to me. I'm glad we got some significant snow before my hubby goes back to Arizona tomorrow!

My mom and I were trying to think of what to make for dinner since we had a ton of defrosted pork chops. We looked on Pinterest and some different websites for some good recipes, but we were very limited since half of my family is super picky...

We found a recipe that could work, but we wanted to tweak it. The original recipe is here. We didn't have breadcrumbs, but my mom and I usually crush up some croutons to substitute. But we were out of croutons! What could we use as a substitute? Stove Top Stuffing! We got out one of the many boxes that my mom has, crushed up the mix, and used that instead. We added the parmesan cheese to the plate of "croutons" and only did one "bath" for each pork chop. It turned out really tasty!

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