Sunday, February 9, 2014

Sleep Training Day #4

Last night didn't go well at all. Aren't babies supposed to sleep better at night when they don't sleep well during the day? I guess my little monster didn't get that memo. 

She didn't wake up until about 12:30 am, but Matthan and I had only gotten about a half hour of sleep because we stayed up watching Frozen. Whoops. I fed her then she fell right asleep. 

She woke up again around 3:30, and I tried the "put her pacifier in her mouth and rub her blankoe on her face" method since she probably didn't need to eat again. She did NOT like that. She cried, and cried, and cried, and cried for the next hour and a half. Even though we were in separate rooms, we could hear her loud and clear. Matthan started to get really antsy and I almost made him sleep on the couch in the other room. After a while, I went back in and she was on her back. I took advantage of that and fed her the bottle that she didn't quite finish earlier. She got really sleepy so I put her pacifier back in her mouth, tucked her in, and she fell asleep.

Occasionally, I heard her whine and fuss a little until she passed out.

Let me tell you something. I probably have the best in-laws ever. They always go out of their way to help us with her. Once, Abby was not happy at all and screamed until 3 in the morning. Matthan and I were sick so they sent us to bed while they stayed up and took care of her almost all night! I could not have asked for a better family to marry into. 

She didn't wake up again until 8:30 when my mother in law got her. Matthan and I didn't wake up until after 9. Again, best in-laws EVER.

She went down for a nap around 10:30 and cried for about a half hour before finally passing out. Matthan said it's a lot easier to let her cry it out during the day rather at night. I agree. I was in the shower the whole time so it didn't bother me a bit!

I had to wake her up around 12:30 so we could get ready for church. Let it be known - I am not a fan or 1pm - 4pm church. I feel like my day is wasted (besides sleeping hehe). Almost as soon as sacrament meeting started, she got sleep and starting rubbing her eyes. I Fed her a bottle, hoping that she would fall asleep. Nope. Didn't happen. She had another bottle during relief society, and still didn't fall asleep. She was fussy and grumpy all through church. She fell asleep on the way home and slept in her car seat at home for about 20 minutes. 

Watching the Olympics with grandma!

We left just after 8 and she slept on our way home. When we get home around 8:45ish, I get her out of her car seat, nurse her, lay her in bed, tuck her in and turn on her music box music. She was still awake, but very sleepy. She didn't cry once. I'm guessing tonight will be a bit like last night because she didn't nap very well today. But what kid naps well at grandma and grandpa's house, right?

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Sleep Training Day #3

Today did NOT go well, just as I suspected.

Last night, Abigail slept from 8:30ish to 1:30 am which wasn't bad. She was up until about 2:15ish, then fell back asleep. She was up again at 5:30, and didn't go back to sleep until 6:30, but luckily grandma and grandpa were up making breakfast. Mommy passed her off and tried to get some sleep, but grandma returned with a sleepy baby. We both went back to sleep until my alarm went off at 7:30. 

The only time she napped today was in the car, from the church funeral service to the burial site which was about 20 minutes (around 11-11:20 am), then another 20 minutes (about 6-6:20 pm). Awful timing, right? 

We got home, she had dinner, took a bath, then I nursed her and layed her in her crib around 8 and she fell right asleep. Woohoo! Let's hope she sleeps longer than last night... She is in her "new" room, as of June when we move in with my in-laws, and the dog will be sleeping with her so it will be a trial run. 

Friday, February 7, 2014

Sleep Training Day #2

Last night wasn't too terrible. But since I'm sleeping on the couch for the next week, I didn't really notice if Abigail woke up. I think I got a full 6 hours straight of sleep. Woohoo! That's the most sleep that I've gotten straight since the last time Abigail spent the night at grandma and grandpa's house.

Matthan woke up with her around midnight and fed her a bottle, then put her back in her crib. She fell asleep almost instantly. She woke up again, not sure what time, but Matthan popped her pacifier back in her mouth and she went right back to sleep. 

6:30 rolls around and Matthan wakes me up to nurse Abby since he used the last of the formula earlier that night. I wasn't fully awake so I forgot that if she woke up between 5:30 and 7:30 to get up and start our day. Whoops. There's bound to be mistakes made, right? She ate, I put her back in her crib, and she went right to sleep. Even after lifting her head up and looking around. Progress!

We all got up just before 8. She ate, we played, and then she went down for a nap just before 10. She slept until about 11:30. We both had lunch while Matthan got ready for class, he left then Abigail and I went shopping at the mall. That was probably a mistake on my part because I could tell that she was getting sleepy already. The whole time we were in the mall, she had this drowsy look on her face. 

She fell asleep in the car but woke up when we got home. I tried to put her in her crib to take a nap, but an hour went by and I needed to get our things pack for a weekend with our in-laws. She didn't fall asleep again until we were in the car, halfway there. 

Those were her only naps.

I didn't get her in bed until around 8:15 even though she was showing signs of being really sleepy because we were at my husbands grandmas house visiting. She cried on and off for about 10 minutes and now she's asleep. I think. 

Today wasn't such a great day, so we will see how tomorrow goes. I have a feeling tomorrow won't go so well just because we will be out of the house a lot, going to a funeral and visiting family. I know it's only been one day, but I can definitely tell that she is significantly happier. 

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sleep Training Day 1

Today is the day that we start sleep training for Abigail who is just over 7 months old. I thought we had a good sleep schedule, but I guess that was only for a matter of time.

She would wake up around 8 am, I would change her diaper, she would eat, play, then go down for her first nap around 10. Then we would repeat, and she would go down for her second nap around 2. She would wake up between 3 and 4. We would try to keep her up until about 8, then put her down for the night. She still woke up 2 or 3 times in the night, nursing for only a few minutes before going right back to sleep.

It worked for a while, but something must have changed.

The past week, Abby hasn't really been herself. She has been really clingy, abnormally fussy, and some days doesn't eat well. What happened?!

The past two nights have been the WORST. Tuesday night, she fell asleep a little early, which usually isn't a problem. We put her to bed around 6:30-7. Matthan and I didn't get to bed ourselves until around 10 because we were doing our work out.

As soon as we got into bed, Abby wakes up. It doesn't help that we share a room. We live in a one bedroom apartment. Per our usual nightly routine, I bring her in bed with us so she can nurse. (FYI, learning to nurse laying down is probably the BEST thing I learned how to do. It definitely made the night time feedings much easier!) She fell asleep soon after finishing, or so I thought.

I put her back in her crib and she snuggles in with her favorite blankie that my parents got her. I get back into bed, and that's when all begins. She starts crying again. When she does this, I usually pick her up, get in bed with her and lay her on my chest. She usually falls asleep soon after, but not tonight. She fusses and cries straight for the next few HOURS, until 2 in the freaking morning.

Finally, she falls asleep, snuggled into my side. I leave her there and try to get some sleep. Meanwhile, my wonderful husband is sleeping through most of this. Not 3 hours later, she is awake again. Matthan had to work at 5:30 am Wednesday morning, so he just got up and started his day. I was stuck with this crying fussy baby by myself, but what's new?

He leaves for work, and I try to get Abigail back to sleep. It wasn't easy, but within the next hour she fell back to sleep, taking over Matthan's side of the bed. She got up two hours later and that's when we started our day

Wednesday night was a doozy too. It wasn't as bad, but it was still not great. Abigail was awake and crying from about 9:30 to 11. Matthan kicked me out of the room and I slept on the couch last night while he tried to take care of our "bundle of joy". It wasn't until I woke up that I noticed I actually got to sleep in until almost 9, and the heater was out in the front room so I wouldn't get cold. So sweet, right?

Later that morning, he confessed that he didn't actually try to soothe our daughter, but he put her in her crib and went back to sleep. Seriously, how can he sleep through that?! Needless to say, it was still sweet that he thought to bring out the heater, and it was nice to sleep in.

Matthan came across a blog that talks about sleep training. You can find the specific blog posts here. When I first started reading it, I thought, "This is probably going to be like every other blog I've read - informative, but not really relatable." As I kept reading, everything clicked. Abigail was doing everything that Harlow, her 9 month old, was doing! EXACTLY. The fussiness, the clinginess, everything.

I couldn't believe it! Finally, something that could possibly help me! I read her posts for the next half hour. I couldn't stop. And a plus, her daughters are so freaking cute! I highly recommend that you go read her blog. She has a lot of great advice. We are going to try her method of sleep training and see how it goes.

Day #1:

We all got up around 9 am, I fed and changed Abby, and decided to go to breakfast. Everyone was happy and Matthan and I felt well rested, considering the circumstances. Abby starts to get sleepy around 10:30 so we head home. Once we get home, Abby starts getting fussy because she is tired. So, I put her in her crib and walk out. She starts crying (go figure) but it only lasts for about a half hour before she finally stops.

She didn't wake up until just before 2. That was a great nap! I pick her up, change her diaper, and feed her some lunch. We take a walk to go pick up my husband from work, which is just a half mile away. After a nice little walk, we got home and she started rubbing her eyes like she was tired! Seriously? She just woke up! Nevertheless, I put her down in her crib for a second nap. She cried for about 45 minutes before finally passing out. I eventually had to wake her up because we needed to go to the store after dropping my husband off at work. We get home from Target and I feed her dinner. She started getting sleepy again, so I changed her, nursed her and put her down around 6:50. She cried for a good hour before finally passing out.

Here's to hoping she will start sleeping better! Don't forget to check out that blog! I'll be posting periodically about how she is doing. For now, I think Matthan wants me to sleep on the couch to help my urge to pick her up every time she cries. This process would be a lot easier if Abigail had her own bedroom...

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Valentines Day Freebie

How was everyone's Superbowl Sunday?! The game was not what I was hoping it would be. Never fear, I will still root for Manning! Did you guys enjoy my bingo game?

I'm thinking about opening my Etsy shop again, so I've been busy making lots of fun invitations and printables! I'll keep you guys updated on that. For now, here is a FREE Valentine's Day printable to hang up! Don't forget to take pictures!