Friday, September 26, 2014

Abigail's Favorite Apps

I got my iPad mini a few months before we had Abigail. Matthan did a survey for the school about a local project the city was doing (the Streetcar Project) and told them how much he hated it and that it was a waste of time. He won a free iPad from it! Woohoo!

Abigail was interested in the iPad from the beginning. I was amazed at the number of educational apps that there are for kids of all ages. The iPad has definitely been useful on car rides and plane trips. Here are just a few of her favorites (and they're free)!

  • Peek 'n Play Rainforest (Free!) Abigail absolutely loves this app. This was her favorite for a really long time. She loved playing peek a boo with all the fun animals. Her favorite animal was the hippo, who sings when she peeks out from the trees. 

  • Laugh and Learn: Animal Sounds for Baby (Free!) This one is great, it has helped Abigail learn different sounds that different animals make. She know the sounds from a dog, cow, duck and sheep. It's not a very long list but we're working on it!

  • Laugh and Learn: Let's Count Animals for Baby (Free!) Abigail loves telling people how old she is, she will hold up both of her pointer fingers then clap hooray! This app is helping Abigail learn to count. Again, she loves seeing all the cute little animals. 

  • Story Book Rhymes Volume 1 (Free!) Abigail loves all of the volumes of the Story Book Rhymes. They all have options of Read & Sing or Read & Play. My favorite are the Read & Sing ones, I love it when Abigail starts to dance along with the story! You can also personalize the name on the "front cover" of the book with your child's name. 

  • Fisher-Price Giggle Gang (Free!) Abigail didn't get into this one as much as the others, but we do have one of the giggle gang plush toys. She LOVES to squeeze his stomach (or throw him on the floor, depending on the day...) to hear the cute giggle! There are a bunch of different toys to go along with the app that have different giggles. In the app you can add your child's giggle so they can play along with the rest of the gang!

What are some of your child's favorite apps? Leave your response in the comments!