Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Toddler Tuesday

Well, it's Tuesday! And you know what that means... It's time for Toddler Tuesday! I'm so glad I actually wrote down the funny things that Abigail did these past few weeks months because I would have totally forgot about them.

Abigail has recently gotten into coloring with markers and she prefers them instead of crayons. She got a pack of markers and some coloring books for her birthday and she went NUTS. After we were done coloring, we were putting the markers back in their box. I accidentally put the yellow marker in the box, upside down. I thought Abigail was going to have a heart attack! She then proceeded to dump all of the markers out and put them back in THE RIGHT WAY. I guess she has a small case of CDO OCD!

A few days later, we were coloring again. Abigail has since then destroyed the box, so the markers were in a Ziploc bag. I dumped the markers out on the table so she could get to them better, but she freaked out again and put all of the markers back in the bag. I guess she likes taking them out of the bag one by one, instead of having the free range of the markers being on the floor!

Two of Abigail's favorite words are "Wait" and "Watch". Whenever she wants you to watch something that she is doing, she looks at you and says, "Watch! Watch! Watch!" It doesn't matter what you are doing, who you are talking to, she won't stop saying it until you repeat her and give you 120% of your attention.

The same thing goes for the word "Wait!" If you're doing something that she doesn't like (like dumping the markers on the floor, instead of having them in the bag) she will put her hand out, palm out, and repeatedly say, "Wait! Wait! Wait!". I sure love that girl.

Little miss is OBSESSED with make up. She gets into my make up drawer on a daily basis. You would think I learned my lesson and moved my make up, but nope. I haven't. So I guess I can't complain, right? One day she smeared mascara all over the side of her face (including her eyelashes!), slapped on a headband and came running up to me saying, "Let's go, Mommy!" She was all dressed up with nowhere to go.

Today we had grilled cheeses for lunch. Abigail had 4 slices and Avery had 2. I told Abigail that if she ate her sandwich, she could have a cookie for desert. Avery ate hers faster than Abigail, so I gave Avery a sliver of my cookie. (Yes, I ate my whole sandwich before getting my dessert.) Abigail slams her sandwich down and says, "Are you kidding me?!" I was so taken aback, I burst out laughing. I had to remind Abigail that when she finished her sandwich she got a cookie too. She did finish her sandwich, ate her cookie, and all is well.

Thanks for tuning in! Hopefully I'll remember to write down the silly things that my 2 year old does, so I can start on a post for next week!

Quick shout out to my handsome husband, it's our 3 year anniversary today! 3 years, 2 kids and 1 wonderful marriage. I love you sweetie! I can't wait to see what the next 50+ years has in store for us!

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Mexico Trip 2015

Summer is almost over, and we've been crazy busy with vacations and visiting family! A long long time ago...back in May...We took our yearly trip down to Rocky Point, Mexico! It was such a fun trip, we all had a great time!

We left early in the morning, got half way there, and Abigail got car sick. It was awful! All she had for breakfast was a McDonald's hash brown and her cup of milk. I'll just let you imagine the mess that we had to clean up. And we were in the middle of nowhere, the nearest gas station was 20 minutes away, we didn't have direct access to an extra pair of clothes or diapers, and her car seat was COVERED. She wasn't phased by it at all thank goodness, so we had her in her diaper standing on the side of the road (as far away from traffic as we could without venturing into the desert) while we cleaned her car seat the best we could. I think we went through half a pack of wipes!

Thankfully my in laws were staying at one of the nice resorts for a few days so we got to put the car seat straps and cover in the washing machine. I can't even imagine how bad it would smell if we didn't wash it, since there's no washing machine at the cabin. I'm sure we would have found a way to get it clean, but modern technology is so much easier and a great blessing!

It's an anemone! I saw a sea cucumber too, but I guess I didn't get a picture... :(

When we took our trek out to the tide to fine sand dollars, we met this nice couple walking their dog. Abigail, having grown up with 3 big dogs, starts running up to him. We have no idea if it's a friendly dog, or not. Obviously from this picture, he was super friendly and loved Abigail. 

At the "mall" aka local street market a little old lady was selling these ADORABLE hand made minion hats! We had to get it, and it was fairly cheap. She also sold shell creatures for really cheap so we got a few. She even threw in some extras for free! She was so sweet. 

Abigail LOVED the ocean! The tide would go out about a mile and a half, and the whole family would venture out there and collect sand dollars and shells.

I have no idea why their hair looks SO red in this picture. It's really not that red...

The sunset is just breathtaking here in Mexico. While we were there, I took a time lapse video of the sunset. If you haven't seen it, it's on my Instagram! Be sure to check it out, it's pretty cool!

It was such a great family trip before the craziness of the summer, with hubby taking a summer class and the girls' trip to OHIO for a month! 

Friday, May 15, 2015

Foodie Friday

Hello readers and happy Friday! I'm so ready for the weekend, because we are going on vacation to MEXICO!! Woohoo! Abigail and I have only been once, so I'm excited to get back to the beach and have Avery there for her first time!

Last week I was REALLY in the mood for pizza, but I didn't have any money on me to get some! So I was thinking of what to make for dinner, so I browsed through Pinterest and found this really yummy pizza knock off recipe! And better yet, I had all of the ingredients! Instead of actually making a pizza, I made these fun pizza crescent roll ups.

These are so fun and easy to make! Abigail loved to help make them and even eat them! All you do is take a can of crescent rolls, add your favorite cheese, a few slices of pepperoni, roll them up, and bake them! You just use the baking directions for the crescent rolls, and BAM. Done!

They were so yummy and definitely filled my pizza craving! I will definitely be making them again! These delicious crescent rolls are toddler and husband approved! Both my husband and Abigail gobbled them down so fast. 

VERY IMPORTANT!!! DO NOT add the sauce to the other ingredients when you roll them up, it makes them soggy and they don't cook right! I made that mistake a few months ago when I tried a recipe like this. Fill a bowl with your favorite pizza or spaghetti sauce and use it for dipping! 

I'm almost at 10,000 pageviews! Holy cow! Once we reach that iconic number, I'll do some kind of giveaway! I haven't decided what I want to give away, but I'll figure it out before we get there! Thanks for all of the love!

Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Toddler Tuesday

Well, I failed! I forgot to post yesterday, so you're getting your weekly Toddler Tuesday on a Wednesday! We are going out of town on Saturday and coming home next Wednesday, so there probably won't be a Toddler Tuesday next week. I've thought of possibly doing a Toddler Thursday, since we'll be gone. You'll just have to wait and see!

I'm trying to teach Abigail to cover her mouth whenever she sneezes or coughs. She doesn't quite understand it, but I think she is getting the hang of it. Or so I thought. She was walking with my iPad and coughed. I told her to cover her mouth. She puts the iPad in her face, like she is covering her mouth with it, and fake coughs. How can I get mad at that?

Friday there was a special story time at the local park where they were reading books, had special Mother's Day crafts, sang songs, and were even giving out free books! We jumped on that offer, and I took Abigail while my mother in law watched a sleeping Avery. I was glad that Abigail and I got some one-on-one time with each other! I sure do love my little monkey!

She got SO excited when she saw the bear, but got super shy when she got close.

We got to pick out a book for Abigail AND Avery, even though she wasn't there. I think Abigail likes Avery's book better than hers!

After the park, we went to get some ice cream! What mommy daughter date is complete without it??

On Saturday, my sister in law and I took the girls on a play date to the zoo with some friends! It was so much fun, Abigail got to play with a friend and mommy got to have some adult conversation! It was a win for everyone!

Abigail and her buddy Zion loved holding hands and running around looking at all of the animals!

When you slap the elephant butt, it makes the different noises that elephants make. It is pretty loud, and Abigail jumped a few times! 

Avery was so good, she even fell asleep near the end!

This is seriously the cutest picture EVER. I can't get over it!

Who sees the lion??? Just before I snapped the picture, she was pawing at Abigail! It was probably because she was wearing zebra stripped pants... Whoops!

We are so excited to be going on vacation this week! We are definitely going to be getting some vitamin D in our systems! The next Toddler Tuesday will be FILLED with pictures from our vacation! Stay tuned and thanks for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toddler Tuesday

Welcome to the first edition of Toddler Tuesdays! I'm still not sure how I want to set it up, so this post might be a little shaky.

Abigail really knows her colors. Some of her favorites are yellow, pink, green, and red. I've noticed that lately she doesn't say red anymore. I wondered why, then I realized something. Abigail knows that she isn't allowed by the stove when we are putting something in the hot oven. She clearly sees that the oven and burners turn red when they get hot. She now calls everything that is red, hot.

Abigail loves her daddy, and loves playing with him. Hubby usually leaves for work and school before Abigail wakes up, but some days he doesn't have to go in until later in the morning. One of these mornings, Matthan wouldn't be leaving until after Abigail went down for a nap. When she woke up, Abigail asked where daddy was. I told her that he went to work. Her response? "Potty?" No, he isn't going potty, he went to work.

Saturday morning, my sister in law and I took both the girls to see the movie Home. It was SO cute and Abigail loved it! Avery was such a trooper, she loved watching it too. I tried to nurse her during the movie but she kept pulling away to watch! The main audience in the theater was kid with their parents and grandparents, so there were lots of kids Abigail's age. In the movie, there were a few upbeat dance songs. Abigail loves to dance and whenever those fun songs came on she would dance and jump around! It was so cute, the little girl a few rows in front of us, who looked to be around the same age as Abigail, was dancing too!

As we were coming out of the theater, there was a claw machine game that had a bunch of minions in it. Abigail screamed, "MINIONS!!". Aunt Bekah forked out the $2 to play, and we attempted to get the unicorn that was sitting right on top. She positions the claw over it, pushes the button, the claw descends, and it totally looks like its going to slip right off. WRONG. It grabbed a hold of the eye and part of the body, and it hung on! We held our breath as the claw brought that stupid unicorn over to the prize door! We couldn't believe it! Abigail was SO excited!