Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Toddler Tuesday

Welcome to the first edition of Toddler Tuesdays! I'm still not sure how I want to set it up, so this post might be a little shaky.

Abigail really knows her colors. Some of her favorites are yellow, pink, green, and red. I've noticed that lately she doesn't say red anymore. I wondered why, then I realized something. Abigail knows that she isn't allowed by the stove when we are putting something in the hot oven. She clearly sees that the oven and burners turn red when they get hot. She now calls everything that is red, hot.

Abigail loves her daddy, and loves playing with him. Hubby usually leaves for work and school before Abigail wakes up, but some days he doesn't have to go in until later in the morning. One of these mornings, Matthan wouldn't be leaving until after Abigail went down for a nap. When she woke up, Abigail asked where daddy was. I told her that he went to work. Her response? "Potty?" No, he isn't going potty, he went to work.

Saturday morning, my sister in law and I took both the girls to see the movie Home. It was SO cute and Abigail loved it! Avery was such a trooper, she loved watching it too. I tried to nurse her during the movie but she kept pulling away to watch! The main audience in the theater was kid with their parents and grandparents, so there were lots of kids Abigail's age. In the movie, there were a few upbeat dance songs. Abigail loves to dance and whenever those fun songs came on she would dance and jump around! It was so cute, the little girl a few rows in front of us, who looked to be around the same age as Abigail, was dancing too!

As we were coming out of the theater, there was a claw machine game that had a bunch of minions in it. Abigail screamed, "MINIONS!!". Aunt Bekah forked out the $2 to play, and we attempted to get the unicorn that was sitting right on top. She positions the claw over it, pushes the button, the claw descends, and it totally looks like its going to slip right off. WRONG. It grabbed a hold of the eye and part of the body, and it hung on! We held our breath as the claw brought that stupid unicorn over to the prize door! We couldn't believe it! Abigail was SO excited!

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